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Welcome to Skye History and Heritage Day Tours. We are dedicated to the history and heritage of the people and events that have taken place on the Isle of Skye. We provide tours throughout the year that enhance your visit and appreciation of the Isle of Skye so please contact us to book a tour or look out for our tour board in Somerled Square, Portree.

The Isle of Skye has been at the centre of key events in the history of Scotland as well as the British Isles; it's important that these events are known and remembered.

Whether you are a “MacDonald” from America or a “MacLeod” from Canada, or a visitor from Japan, the tours offered will impart an understanding of your heritage or a much deeper appreciation of the key part Skye and Scotland have played in the history of the World.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion for the Isle of Skye.

We endeavour to enhance your experience on Skye, leaving you with memories and knowledge that will last a life time.

“The Island is pervaded by a subtle spiritual atmosphere. It is as strange to the mind as it is to the eye. Old songs and traditions are the spiritual analogues of old castles and burying-places and old songs and traditions you have in abundance. There is a smell of the sea in the material air and there is a ghostly something in the air of the imagination...You breath again the air of old story-books.”

Alexander Smith, A Summer in Skyeyehistoryandheritagetours skyehistoryandheritagetour

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