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Isle of Skye Timeline 2 - AD 1650 to AD 1800

1650: Oliver Cromwell of England invades Scotland.

1654: Publication of Timothy Pont's map of ‘The Yle of Skie.'

1703: Publication of Martin Martin's A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland.

1707: Act of Unions. Scotland and England parliaments unite.

1715: Jacobite Highland uprising against (English rule) the Act of Union.

1726: Skye divided into seven parochial districts.

1745: Jacobite uprising with Bonnie Prince Charlie. Lady Grange dies at Trumpan.

1746: Battle of Culloden. The final Jacobite uprising sees the massacre of thousands of Highlanders. Highland clearances brought into effect forbidding Highlanders to neither wear tartan nor play the bagpipes.

1773: Dr Samuel Johnson and James Boswell visit Skye, on their Hebridean tour.

1787: The British Fisheries Society builds the village of Stein.

1790: Flora MacDonald dies Peinduin, buried in Kilmuir churchyard.

1791: Population 14,470.

1800: Lord MacDonald imports Fife miners to extract lignite, a poor quality coal at Portree, Uig and Kilmaluag.

1800: Portree Jail constructed. Skye's first shop built by Lord MacDonald at Kyleakin.

17 April 1882: The “Battle of the Braes.”

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