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Tour 2 - Fairys, Myths and legends

This tour is based upon a number of legends, historic locations and events that are part of the history of Skye. We will visit 6 separate locations, each one a unique event and experience. Light snacks and drinks will be provided free of charge during the tour.

Admission fees for the places we visit are included in the tour costs (Dunvegan castle, Highland Life Museum, Angus MacAskill Museum etc).

At lunch time a break will be taken close to a cafe or place to eat where you can purchase food it required.

Tour Prices : £80:00 per adult, Concession & students £75:00, Child £70:00

Tour Start Times: 9:30 am Tour Finish: 5:00 pm


The Fairy Glen: A supernatural wonder of bizarre and beautiful miniature grassy cone-shaped hills, the distinctive peak is known as Castle Ewen. Tourists create stone circles and leave trinkets and coins from all over the world for the fairies. Don't forget yours!

St. Columba Island: Ancient sacred Burial Ground and site of the cathedral church of the Bishops of the Isles from 1079 to 1498. This burial ground is the resting place of 28 MacNicol chiefs. Within the chapel lies a 16 th century effigy of a warrior wearing a high conical helmet and holding a sword. Here you will find ancient ruins and graves, stretching back over many centuries. The island is full of legends and tales of the saint and his miracles.

The Fairy Bridge: This is where a MacLeod Chieftain bade farewell to his wife of 20 years. She was of fairy kind and wanted to go back to her own people, bidding farewell at the fairy bridge, she gave her husband the Fairy Flag and told him if he was ever in trouble waving it would bring a whole host of armed men to his side.

Dunvegan Castle & Gardens: The Island's most famous Castle. Home to the Chiefs of Clan MacLeod for over 800 years. See and hear the famous Fairy Flag stories. Follow in the footsteps of Dr Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, who stayed at Dunvegan in 1773.

Giant Angus MacAskill Museum , Dunvegan: Angus MacAskill stood 7ft8in tall and weighed 425Ib and lived from 1825 to 1863. He was the tallest recorded Scotsman ever to have lived. Angus travelled the world performing alongside General Tom Thumb, the smallest fully grown man of his time.

Dun Beag Broch , Struan: remains of a high status dwelling from the Iron Age with incredible views over Loch Bracadale.

“Superstitions of every kind-witches, the evil-eye, omens, mermaids, fairies, kelpies, sacred waters, trees and stones were at the very core of the Skye man's life.”

Gavin Maxwell, Raven Seek Thy Brother

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