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Tour 3 - The Trotternish North Tour

This tour is based upon a number of natural and historic locations and the life and times of local Skye people throughout history. The tour will visit 6 locations and covers time periods from the 1400's. Light snacks and drinks will be provided free of charge during the tour.

Admission fees for the places we visit are included in the tour costs (Dunvegan castle, Highland Life Museum, Angus MacAskill Museum etc).

At lunch time a break will be taken close to a cafe or place to eat where you can purchase food it required.

Tour Prices : £75:00 per adult, Concession & students £70:00, Child £65:00

Tour Start Times: 9:30 am Tour Finish: 5:00 pm


We will visit 6 separate locations, each one a unique event and experience.

Lealt Valley , Diatomite Railway dates of operation 1890-1915: During its existence the Skye Diatomite company extracted 2000 tons of diatomite. Just over 100 years ago this was an industrial site with diatomite being extracted from the base of the loch and transported to Invertote via the railway.

Kilt Rock: The Mealt waterfall, known as Kiltrock due to its pleated rock formations the waterfall freefalls of the cliff for 60m into the Sound of Rassay below. A popular stop which offers good photo opportunities and Geology.

Duntulm Castle: The ruins of Duntulm castle stand dramatically on its sheer cliff of basalt, looking across The Minch to the Isle of Lewis. Once home to the MacDonald's, much of the remains date back to the 15 th century.

Lunch break in Uig:

Skye Museum of Highland Life , Kilmuir: A township of thatched cottages, each one depicting the conditions prevailing on the island at the close of the nineteenth century.

Flora MacDonald's Grave : A monument dedicated to Flora MacDonald who assisted the escape of Prince Charles Edward Stuart after the battle of Culloden. Buried here in 1790, her funeral was the largest ever known in Skye.

St Columba Island: Ancient sacred Burial Ground and site of the cathedral church of the bishops of the isles from 1079 to 1498. This burial ground is the resting place of 28 MacNicol chiefs. Within the chapel lies a 16 th century effigy of a warrior wearing a high conical helmet and holding a sword. Here you will find ancient ruins and graves, stretching back over many centuries. The island is full of legends and tales of the saint and his miracles.

“In every direction are heaped confused piles of rock, tossed about in forms gigantic and terrible, like the colossal ruins of some stupendous city, or the burial-place of some race of giants; a place utterly desolate and silent, where the spirits of the past may dwell undisturbed, in unbroken solitude, and where the floating vapour-wreaths that cling to the weird rock figures, seem like the ghostly winding-sheets of an army of mighty dead.”

C.F.Gordon-Cumming, In the Hebrides

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