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Tour 4 - The Clan Battles Tour

This tour will visit and discuss 6 battle locations across Skye. The Island battles were famous for their ferocity and savagery. Light snacks and drinks will be provided free of charge during the tour.

Admission fees for the places we visit are included in the tour costs (Dunvegan castle, Highland Life Museum, Angus MacAskill Museum etc).

At lunch time a break will be taken close to a cafe or place to eat where you can purchase food it required.

Tour Prices : £80:00 per adult, Concession & students £75:00, Child £70:00

Tour Start Times: 9:30 am Tour Finish: 5:00 pm


The Battle of the Braes: Here you will hear about the Crofters struggle.

The Battle of Coire na Creiche: The last highland battle fought between the Macleod's and the MacDonald's in 1601.

The Battles of Glendale: Battle 1 - MacDonald's & MacLeod's, Battle 2 - Crofters Struggle

Dunvegan Castle & Gardens: The Island's most famous Castle. Home to the Chiefs of Clan MacLeod for over 800 years. See and hear the famous Fairy Flag stories. Follow in the footsteps of Dr Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, who stayed at Dunvegan in 1773.

The Battle of the Spoiling of the Dyke: Trumpan Church has a dark and bloody past. The year was 1578 and a battle broke out between the MacDonald's and the MacLeod's, the two biggest rivalry clans on the Isle of Skye.

St. Columba Island: Ancient battle location and sacred Burial Ground of the bishops of the Isles which also includes 28 MacNicol chiefs from 1079 to 1498.

“ This dark gorge... is a place of dread. The ghosts of the slain haunt it; the fairy folk dance in it, and, if all tales be true, make their elfin bolts of the bones of the dead. Here, where the silence is so sacred that it weighs upon you like a heavy load, a great clan fight was fought, grim and great, a whole summer day, the blood of MacDonald's and the Macleod's ran like water.”

Harta Corrie, The Cuillin Hills

“I see the noble Island in its stormy showers and the breaking of mist creeping over desolate summits.”

Sorley MacLean, The Cuillins

“The Peasant lost his land and life who dared to bide the Norseman's strife. The hungry battle-birds were filled in Skye, with blood of foemen killed; And wolves on Tire's lonely shore Dyed red their hairy jaws in gore.”

S. Lang. Heimskringla Saga

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