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Isle of Skye Timeline 1 - from AD 585 to AD 1601

A.D. 585 St. Columba visits Skye.

794 : First recorded descent on Skye by the Norsemen.

1014: Skyemen fight alongside Norse at Battle of Clontarf.

1140: Uprising in Skye against Olav the Red.

1266: Skye becomes part of the territory of the Lord of the Isles.

1480: Clan Ranald attacked Macleod's in Skye.

1483: MacDonald's invaded and conquered Trotternish.

1493: Lordship of the Isles ended.

1528: War breaks out between MacDonald's of Sleat and MacDonald's of Dunvegan.

1539: MacDonald's move from Dunscaith to Duntulm.

1540: James V and his fleet land in Skye. Kiltaraglen renamed Portrigh, the King's harbour.

1573: First signs of Protestantism in Skye.

1578: The MacDonald's of Uist burn Trumpan Church, which led to a battle with the Macleod's, known as the Battle of the Spoiling of the Dyke.

1580: Licence obtained from the Crown for a market and fair twice-yearly in Portree.

1595: Hugh MacDonald of Sleat and Rory MacLeod of Dunvegan embark for Ireland accompanied with 500 men to aid the Irish in the rebellion against Elizabeth I.

1601: Battle of Coire na Creiche, the last Clan Battle between the MacDonald's and the Macleod's in Skye.

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